muzyka na żywo gdańsk

gallery – ART – GDAŃSK

Each of us loves to surround ourselves with beauty, stay in great interiors and have nice items around, so we decided to create our own art gallery. We want to cooperate with artists and present their works, organize vernissages and exhibitions. We will not let great talents hide any longer. At Oria Magic House, we will create a place for them so that their works will catch the eyes of all our guests.

Meanwhile, look at the ceiling 🙂 Our permanent artistic exhibition is presented in a slightly unconventional way. Original paintings from the Terra and Universe by Maggie Veroli collections illuminate the black of the ceiling with their dynamic colors. Plus the play of lights! Each time the magic of colors and intensity gives the images a new look.

And on the walls? 🙂 To please your eyes with warm colors – unique ceramic tiles, each completely different! There are also hexagonal original paintings, artworks with mosaics and a philosophical stories ehind, soft hexagonal pillows with the prints of the paintings.

Paintings & Ceramic by MAGGIE VEROLI

Enjoy a virtual walk at ORIA MAGIC HOUSE in Gdańsk!