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Cakes, cookies, cakes, pralines … For us, sweets are small works of art. We give our hearts to them, both when creating and consuming. We prefer to eat them in the best possible combination, which is home-made cake and delicious, aromatic coffee. We will also not forget about fans of alcoholic beverages. We will surprise you with unique drinks matching to the theme of the month. You don’t like cocktails? Nothing is lost. The offer is rich enough for everyone to find something spacial- lemonades, alcohol- free cocktails, fresh juice, sparkling drinks….

Every day in our confectionery shop you will find a variety of sweets prepared on the spot. Always different, always fresh and tasty. Monoportions, cookies, cakes, tarts, buns….

We also offer original drinks from our permanent cocktail menu and themed, related to the leitmotif of a given period of the culinary journey. Everyone will find their taste in Oria. About 100 different types of alcohols are a good start to taste and discover your favorite drinks at OMH.


Have you heard interesting facts about drinks? Where did they come from and why are they soeeeee good? 🙂 We explain the menu of our cocktails from the HOLLYWOOD world 🙂

Red carpet 29zł

gin infused with pomegranate and rosemary/campari/lime juice/homemade strawberry syrup/prosecco

The red carpet has been associated with high status since ancient times. The first known mention of such a carpet appears in the Oresteia of Aeschylus from the 5th century BC, where a crimson carpet is spread for Agamemnon returning from the Troyan War. In 1821, American President James Monroe was welcomed by a red carpet unfolded in front of him. Since then, a carpet in this color has remained a regular feature of official visits. From the premiere of Robin Hood in 1922, the red carpet began to be the symbol of Hollywood. In 1961, it first appeared at the Oscars, although it gained international fame three years later, when broadcasters started to film the arrival of the stars.

Vesper Martini 31zł

gordons dry gin/vodka/lillet liqueur

“Shake with ice, do not mix, decorate with a lemon peel springle.” Cocktail popularized by James Bond. Adaptations of the novel simplified the recipe. 007 is drinking his drink in a non-liqueur cocktail glass. In the movie “Casino Royale” Daniel Craig, who plays Bond, mention the Lillet liqueur when he gives the exact drink recipe. It’s difficult to prepare a drink in its original form: gin was stronger in the 1950s, and the Lillet liqueur in the meantime changed it’s recipe.

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend 33zł

apple brandy/cordial of pomegranate/prosecco

The name of the cocktail is one of the songs most associated with Marilyn. If a cocktail is to allude to the one and only Marilyn Monroe, it has to be lively and colorful, sweet and sparkling, and ultimately elegant! It is said that Marilyn Monroe was rarely seen without a glass of champagne, although Marilyn Monroe never specifid which brand”champagne” was her favorite. In the last years of her life, she also drank a lot of Apple brandy.

Hollywood star 28zł

lemon soda/homemade lemon vodka with honey/passion fruit purée

Along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street in Los Angeles, in the Hollywood district, we find the Avenue of the Stars, where the star on a concrete slab is commemorating famous celebrities of show business. An interesting fact is that not only persons, but their own stars have also bands like Queen, The Beatles. A dozen fictional characters and Disneyland, even animals such as Lassie, also have their stars.

King of rock n’roll sandwich 37zł

bacon infused vodka/crème de banana/honey/whiskey-based peanut butter liqueur

Elvis Presley, because we are talking about him, was an enemy of smoking and alcohol. Since his youth, he always said: “I will never like strong drinks and never intend to smoke. I just don’t think these things are for me.” As for alcohol, it was true, there was a difference with smoking. Even as a declared enemy of smoking, he had to learn to smoke eventually, because of the film roles . Elvis started using tobacco in Hollywood times. Presley wasn’t a fan of alcohol or tobacco, but he loved to eat. His favorite sandwich consisted of bacon, peanut butter, bananas and honey, all fried golden brown. And this is how we composed a cocktail in his honor.

We “can’t help falling in love” in this cocktail 😉


After eight 29zł

vanilla ice cream/milk/mint/after eight’s chocolate/whipped cream/dark chocolate glaze/M&M’s

Sour shake 29zł

strawberries/sour jelly/lemon/cotton candy/marshmallows/cherry glaze/Skittles

Salty carmel 29zł

vanilla ice cream/milk/whipped cream/pretzels/wafers/caramel glaze


Camomile 10zł

Fresh mint 10zł

Sea buckthorn 19zł – sea buckthorn/rosemary/lemongrass/lime/honey

Raspberry 17zł – raspberry/mint/lemon/honey/anise/chilli

Orian alco-tea 21zł – rum/hibiscus/cloves/orange juice/anis


Espresso doppio 10zł

Americano 10zł

Flat white 10zł

Cappuccino 12zł

Latte macchiato 14zł


bblack 10zł

English breakfast 10zł

Black mango 10zł

Sencha jasmin 10zł

Tea pot 18zł


Cascara 10zł

Mocha with whipped cream 16zł

Cinnamon-honey cappuccino 14zł

Flat white with white chocolate callebaut and black currant 16zł

Irish coffee 22zł – paddy irish whiskey, demerara sugar syrup

Cocoa 10zł – bitter cocoa, honey, milk

Cinnamon babyccino 6zł – milk, pinch of cinnamon


Lemonade 12zł

Aloe strawberry lemonade 17zł

Lemonade of the house 14zł

Ice tea 14zł

Fresh orange juice 16zł

Sparkling water 6zł

Still water 6zł


Lilac Sky 28zł
butterfly pea tea/gin seagram’s/prosecco

Elephant 39zł
elephant london dry gin/fresh grapefruit/campari/lime juice/cointreau

Cherry Bomb 25zł
jim beam redstag/luxardo maraschino/egg white/angostura

Yuzu mojito 29zł
bacardi carta blanca/choya yuzu/purée yuzu/mint/sparkling water/lime

Kinky deer 36zł
jägermeister/chambord/giffard fleur sureau sauvage/lime juice/grapefruit juice/egg white

Frozen tropical island 40zł
rum bumbu/passion fruit purée/mango purée/pineapple

Paper Plane 33zł
bourbon Jim Beam/amaro di angostura/aperol/lime

Pornstar martini 27zł
vodka/passion fruit purée/lime juice/vanilla/passoa/prosecco

Negroni 28zł
gin seagram’s/sweet vermouth dolin rouge/campari

Old Cuban 30zł
captain morgan gold/lime juice/prosecco/angostura/mint

Aperol spritz 28zł
prosecco/aperol/sparkling water

Cuba libre 18zł
captain morgan spiced/coca cola/lime

Tom Collins 18zł
gin seagram’s/sparkling water/lemon juice

New york sour 26zł
whisky the glenlee/egg white/dry red wine

Tokyo Long 36zł
tequila rooster silver/bacardi carta blanc/gin seagram’s/vodka/bols triple sec/midori liquer/sprite

White wine

White house wine | glass 15zł
Dalis bianco 105zł
Pitars sauvingon 85zł
Pinot Grigio 110zł
Pinot Grigio glass 24zł

Red wine

Red house wine/glass 15zł
Dalis rose 105zł
Primitivo Uno di Munduria 95zł

Sparkling wine

Casa Gheller treviso brut 60zł
Casa Gheller Rose Prosecco 70zł
Malvasia Coci bolla 50zł

Amber beer brand- ask the service, please